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Each mochila is a unique, hand-woven craft. Please contact if you have questions about the item.

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What is a mochila?

Mochilas are shoulder bags hand-woven with sheep wool by indigenous women from the Ahuaco tribe. They use geometric designs that represent patterns that they inherited from their ancestors. The patterns often portray expressions of nature, like the snowy mountains, or vegetation seen there.

About the Arhuaco people

The Arhuaco are one of the few remaining tribes living between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and the Caribbean Sea in Colombia. They believe that we are the big brothers and sisters of the environment because they take care of the land, there at the seaside, all the way to the top of the mountains. They believe they teach and guide others to protect nature.

Join the mochila tribe!

A proper mochila is a must-have item for anyone with a plant medicine practice. It is the perfect bag to carry all matters of ceremonial tools, consecrated instruments, and anything else we wish to have handy.

Supporting indigenous communities

We donate 100% of proceeds* from mochila sales to Fundación Chipiri

Fundación Chipiri is a non-profit entity that supports the Arhuaco people by leading strategic projects such as land purchases, sponsoring social programs, and advocating for economic development and independence of the region. 

Due to the global health emergency, the Arhuaco population has created checkpoints, preventing people from entering and leaving the territory. These preventative measures have affected trade and livelihoods. Furthermore, indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada region lack hospitals or medical personnel to treat illnesses for the pandemic and biosafety equipment such as protective masks is in short supply.

As part of our commitment to social justice and honoring the heritage of plant medicines, Life Music Group is donating 100% of mochila proceeds to the Arhuaco people with the help of Fundación Chipiri, which was founded by Asdrubal Torres, the Arhuaco elder who oversees the growth, cultivation, and production of Origen Cacao.

*Proceeds refer to gross profit. Percentage may change and will remain above 10%.


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